3 Card Tarot Reading

3 Card Tarot Reading


 The 3-card tarot reading lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. It's my go-to, standard reading and it packs a punch.

You get:
* 30 - 45 minutes of tarot reading and discussion with Alyssum Pohl
*Photo of the 3-card spread, and any cards that particularly speak to you

Upon purchasing the reading, you will be prompted to schedule a time that works best for you within the next month.


"One of the most illuminating readings ever! Alyssum is a very gifted and intuitive reader. She provided me the space to arrive at my own understanding of the spread and helped me to ask clearer questions. I felt totally comfortable sharing background details and was confident that she had a deep and rich understanding of Tarot. I was amazed at how insightful my reading was. I would highly recommend Alyssum for intuitive tarot readings and will enjoy the many pearls of wisdom that she shared."
"It was super fun to connect and have a reading done by Alyssum. Her enthusiasm makes it so much fun!"
"Alyssum's relaxed, conversational approach to reading tarot immediately set me at ease.  As we went through the reading, she helped me understand the symbolism within the cards so that I could use those ideas to get fresh perspective on my current situation.  Alyssum will help you come to your own conclusion about the cards, so there is great potential to learn something new about yourself, and it's done with a very friendly, supportive attitude, so it's lots of fun, too!"