Tarot Reading with Madame Alyssum

Gain Perspective And Clarity In Your Life

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Divination is the answering 
of a practical question 
with a metaphor.

Then YOU take that answer and 

apply it to your life.


Let this tarot reading provide the answers
you've been seeking


Confusion in our life can come from not seeing the whole picture clearly.  Book a tarot reading so we can zoom out and look at your life as a whole, to gain clarity quickly.


Our minds tend to move in circles, not letting us escape from what we think...over...and over...and over. This tarot reading will help you gain perspective and will feel like a huge relief.


Gaining clarity and perspective often gives us insight into how to move forward.  "Aha!" moments are common during my tarot readings, and my querents (aka YOU) go forth, knowing what to do next.

Tarot Readings with me, Madame Alyssum,

  • Are inclusive and sensitive to cross-cultural considerations
  • Are comprehensive and in-depth
  • Tie in my life experience and coaching experience for more sensitivity and understanding
  • Are varied; I am equally comfortable reading a general reading or for a particular area of your life such as work, home, romance, and more
"One of the most illuminating readings ever! Alyssum is a very gifted and intuitive reader. She provided me the space to arrive at my own understanding of the spread and helped me to ask clearer questions. I felt totally comfortable sharing background details and was confident that she had a deep and rich understanding of Tarot. I was amazed at how insightful my reading was. I would highly recommend Alyssum for intuitive tarot readings and will enjoy the many pearls of wisdom that she shared."
"I didn’t know what to expect, but that was really helpful”

"It was super fun to connect and have a reading done by Alyssum. Her enthusiasm makes it so much fun!"

"I like it. This gives me a lot to chew on this year. I wanted to work on some of this, but this gives me direction for how to work on it. I like it.”

“I’m actually looking forward to this year now.”
"Alyssum's relaxed, conversational approach to reading tarot immediately set me at ease. As we went through the reading, she helped me understand the symbolism within the cards so that I could use those ideas to get fresh perspective on my current situation. Alyssum will help you come to your own conclusion about the cards, so there is great potential to learn something new about yourself, and it's done with a very friendly, supportive attitude, so it's lots of fun, too!"


Extended Tarot Reading

  • 45 minutes - 1 hour of tarot reading
  • Photo of the extended spread
  • Photo of any cards that speak particularly to you
  • Perfect for New Years, birthdays, or anytime you need a more in-depth examination of your life
  • Price = $150

Standard Tarot Reading

  • 30 - 45 minutes of tarot reading
  • Photo of the 3-card spread
  • Photo of any cards that speak particularly to you
  • My standard reading.  Great for the tarot-curious, or for regular check-ins. It packs a punch!
  • Price = $50                                                        

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