Roadmap to Self Care

Roadmap to Self-Care

Feeling like you need to take care of yourself but don't even know where to begin?

Do you feel like you're taking care of everyone except yourself, like, ALL THE TIME?

Need a reset on even remembering how to put yourself first, so that your tank can be full for others?

When you think of self-care, do you think of bubble baths...and then scoff and roll your eyes at that thought?

You, my friend, are not alone.

It's easy to SAY "I need to prioritize my self-care."  But, the actual DOING of it is a whole other ball of wax.  When you're busy taking care of everyone else, who has time for self-care?  What does self-care actually look like (if not an uninterupted bubble bath)?

Let's get you on the self-care train in a more manageable way.  First step? Blocking off a couple weekend hours to join us for these two live, group sessions.  We will be discussing what self-care actually is, how it will be different for every person, and what it will look like for YOU.  We have a week to integrate some of what we talk about, and then we will meet again to deepen our understanding and practice of self-care.  

Think you need a bit more personal direction?  No worries, sign up for the course plus an hour 1:1 session with Alyssum at a very discounted rate (normal coaching sessions with Alyssum are $200/hr; your cost is only $47 with this course)


Amber Larkins

I often feel lost or like I’m not prioritized as a woman who carries a large amount of responsibility for others (I’m a single mom and the daughter of a schizophrenic mother for whom I am responsible).  It can be hard to make space for my own needs, and I think this is common for many people expected to take on the care of others.  I’ve known Alyssum for many years and am familiar with her authenticity coaching. We recently discussed how those who spend most of their time helping friends and family have trouble finding their authentic selves because they have focused so much on their efforts on others. I knew she would understand and asked if she could create a course that breaks down self care especially for those of us who have a tendency to give all of ourselves to others."

Course Specifics

We will meet over Zoom twice.
     Session 1: Saturday, June 12, 2021 from 8am PT/11am ET - 10am PT/1pm ET
     Session 2: Saturday, June 19, 2021 from 8am PT/11am ET - 10am PT/1pm ET

If you opt for a supplemental and supportive 1:1 self-care session with Alyssum, you will be prompted to choose a time in the next 20 days that works best for you.


Session 1:  
     *Review of Self-Care
     *What Works and What Doesn't
                *Science and psychology behind self-care
                *Tips and Tricks
     *Personal Review
               *Prompts for reflection and sharing
               *Commitment to This Week's Integration

Session 2:
*Discussion about This Past Week's Integration
               *What worked and what didn't
               *Tweaking of approaches to help you get it right  
     *Deeper Dive on Self-Care for long-lasting skill-building


Course Pricing


$97 USD

    • Week 1 Group Session
    • Week 2 Group Session
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Course + One-on-one Session

$147 USD

    • Week 1 Group Session
    • Week 2 Group Session
    • 1:1 Session with Alyssum Pohl
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Alyssum Pohl, M.A.

Alyssum is a cheerful and multi-talented woman with extensive scientific, policy, and creative training. Her love and appreciation of the natural world began at an early age as her family raised rabbits, built a home in the Kentucky hills sandwiched between State Park and National Forest, and then took a year to live aboard a sailboat. She holds a B.S. in biology from the University of Kentucky, an M.A. in international environmental Policy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and spent several years in veterinary school. Engaged and ebullient, dedicated and diligent, she has taught and performed nationwide as a bellydancer; she gave a TEDx talk about innovation through contortion; and became the 2nd woman to solo kayak the Mississippi River from source to sea, documenting plastic waste and water quality along the way.  She is now editing a memoir of her many adventures, and works as an authenticity coach.

As a facilitator, Alyssum has been described as, “masterful, patient and clear –and approachable and friendly.”

Alyssum says, "After years of frustration in my professional life, but otherwise leading a fairly happy life, I realized that I am most fulfilled I when I do exactly what feels good at a deep soul level, no matter what society or family values suggest are the 'best' decisions. I want the world to be a better place which I believe involves a world in which our authentic selves shine.  Helping others reach this is incredibly fulfilling work.  Let's do this together."