New Year Planner Jam

New Year Planner Jam


  • super convenient
  • guided process with a planning expert
  • immediate and long-lasting benefits
  • lifetime access to this course to review EVERY year!

When you enroll, you will be taken to the check-out page, and then will have immediate access to the course.  

"I started using this format at the beginning of each year a few years ago, and it is an important part of each year ever since. It helps me make sure that I'm approaching the year ahead with intention rather than just reaction." --Nick Lyell

What is a planner jam?

I started hosting "Planner Jams" a few years ago when I realized how many people I knew were also using paper planners because digital calendars just didn't accomplish the same thing.  We would meet up and just Jam about things that worked for us, things that didn't, new ideas, etc.  Since then, bullet journaling has become all the rage, and it's not such a 'secret' to be a paper-planner-user any more.  

This course is one of the Jams that I held around the new year, during which I supported a whole process for reviewing the past year and how to best make use of the upcoming year.  

This course doesn't have to be utilized at the beginning of the year, it is relevant ANY time you're ready to do an inventory of your life and prioritize/organize all the myriad ways you use your time.  

What will this course help me with?

  • This course is designed to help you

    • reduce anxiety
    • prepare your year in a non-overwhelming manner
    • examine what is most important to you and help you prioritize those aspects of your life

And best of all, this course only takes about 1-2 hours, and the positive impacts are immediate and long-lasting!

Alyssum Pohl

Authenticity Coach and Planner Nerd

I kept a personal, daily journal from the time I was 14 until my house burned down, with all my journals in it, at 27.  That shook my world, and I stopped journaling for a few years.  But I have found that I still value a daily "journal" practice, in the form of a shortened review of how I spend my time every day, in my planner

When it comes to "planning", I believe that we should do what works for us, but the only way to figure that out is to dive in and try some things!